2010 Rath Yatra

OCJ with its friends and patrons celebrated the 2010 Rath Yatra  in the Yamashita Park of Yokohama city on 24th July. It was the third grand celebration of Lord Shri Jagannath's famous chariot procession in Kanto.

During the event a 3-meter tall chariot was pulled by a large number of participants. Many devotees (one of whom travelled all the way from Singapore) and guests participated in the event in spite of the scorching heat that Kanto region experienced this summer.

Participants enjoyed the ambience of the park in the background of the Yokohama bay and the procession of the Rath was carried under the shadow of the trees, which provided much relief to the devotees.
A spectacular stage was also arranged and performances on the stage kept many Indian, Japanese and other  international guests mesmerized. The cultural event was presided by the DCM of Indian Embassy and the Chief Executive of the Economic and Tourism Beauro of Yokohama City Office.