Voluntary Work


Some of the OCJ members together with other Indian friends participated in a voluntary work in the Ishinomaki city of the Miyagi prefecture. The team arrived in Mito city early in the morning of 7th May to take a bus to the affected region. After a 5-hour long bus ride, OCJ team together with other groups of volunteers gathered in a temporary assembly place arranged by the local voluntary groups.



Following a brief introduction about the work and safety procedures, gathered volunteers were divided into small groups. The OCJ team put together into the group 9,  worked  hard to clean the area and had removed tons of debris and piles of tsunami caused sludge before the end of the day. It was really very hard work for the group members since they are not used such intensive physical work. Nevertheless, the team effort was splendid and the work was done with beautiful spirit. All the members enjoyed a wonderful dinner in the Fukushima city on their way back to Mito. They arrived at Mito around 9 PM and then drove back to their homes in two groups. By the time they reached their home, it was past midnight – a 24-hour non-stop action.