2013 OCJ Rath Yatra announcement

The 2013 Rath Yatra will be held in KAWASAKI  Elementary School, Kawasaki on 14th July. It is the sixth consecutive year  that Odisha Community Japan (OCJ) is organizing this traditional Indian chariot festival (matsuri) in Japan.  During the event a 3-meter tall chariot will be pulled by participants around the field after which mesmerizing performances will be enacted on the stage. The cultural event is to be presided by the dignitaries from Indian Embassy and Kawasaki City Office. Like last five events, we anticipate that the event will be extensively covered by the local news media including the NHK.

About 1000 participants from Indian, Japanese and other international communities are expected to participate in this cultural event.  OCJ welcomes everybody to celebrate this colorful Indian Omatsuri.


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11:00 - 11:30  Puja Preparations


12:00 - 12:30  Puja


12:30 - 12:40  Pahandi


12:40 - 13:10  Chariot Pulling



13:10-14:00    Prasad Sevan (Lunch)

                           Fashion, Saree Wearing, Mehendi......


14:00 - 14:15  Inauguration and Souvenir Distribution


14:15 - 17:00  Stage Shows




17:00-17:10    Arati 


17:10              Concluding Ceremony